The Juniors prides itself on its involvement in the Club Grants program, a state-wide initiative which allows clubs to financially provide support to community organisations, sporting groups and charities.

Spotlight On: Junior Rugby League

Established in 1908, The South Sydney District Junior Rugby Football League is a name synonymous in the Eastern Suburbs with junior sport.

This non-for profit organisation gives over 3,000 junior players the opportunity to compete in weekly matches from April to August of each year.

For more information or to register for Junior League, visit or call the office on 02 9314 4261.

Teams start from 4 years of age up to A Grade, and over 16 clubs competing in the competition, the Junior League is the backbone of the local rugby community.

Open to boys and girls, the clubs represent inclusive environments where players can learn teamwork, footy skills and the importance of fitness. Thanks to the generous and on-going support from The Juniors, Junior League is able to provide its players with free registration which includes free uniforms and insurance for all. Because of The Juniors generosity children and adults from different backgrounds are given an equal opportunity to be involved in a sport where they can meet friends, kick a ball and have some fun. The Junior League also wouldn’t be possible without the coaches, trainers, and ground staff who volunteer their time and energy each week.

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