All Wintle Theatre shows are performed under the approved Government COVID guidelines.

This includes a reduced capacity of 300 patrons based on the one person per two square metre rule. All performers will all be at least 5 metres from the nearest patron in the audience and no more than 5 people will be singing at any time. The wearing of face masks is not required under the rules but patrons can wear them if they wish to. We are hoping to continue to provide live entertainment within the guidelines for our members enjoyment.

A live tribute featuring Australia’s most extraordinary musicians, singers and dedicators of PRINCE in a concert style performance that has been applauded by even the most die hard PRINCE fan.


A show that brings all the attitude the music of Prince demands including a flamboyant vocal performance by All Together Top 100 Judge Carl De Villa accompanied by some of Australia’s best musicians, recreating all the hits LIVE including 1999, Kiss, When Doves Cry, Cream, Little Red Corvette and countless others with the authentic Minneapolis sound that changed pop and rock music forever. 


A show carefully constructed by Australia’s most dedicated followers of Prince, this will be a celebration that every Prince fan has been waiting for.