We wish to inform you that the Valet Service will no longer be operating after Saturday 30th March.

We hope you have enjoyed their service.

The car park will now be opened as normal on Friday and Saturday evenings.


As a result of light rail construction around the Kingsford club, The Juniors have partnered with First Class Valet to provide VALET PARKING available Friday and Saturday evenings .

First Class Valet

First Class Valet provide valet parking and parking management services with a focus on attention to detail, efficiency and customer service. Their staff are professional, dedicated and friendly, ensuring safety and security with every car parked, making your parking experience a seamless one. For further information please visit their website at www.firstclassvalet.com.au

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the valet been introduced?

The valet has become a necessary implementation for a number of reasons. Our underground car park is a tight space with limited availability and we simply don’t have enough space for all our members to be able to use it. Allowing the valet to control the underground car park during our busy periods (Friday and Saturday evenings) means that they can fit many more cars into the underground car park as they can ‘stack’ cars and move them if they need.

In addition, road and traffic conditions are constantly changing around our club with the construction of the light rail. We wish to provide a service that means you don’t need to try and negotiate all the changes, we’ll take care of it for you. You just need to arrive at the front of the club and we’ll take care of the rest.

Who can use the valet?

Anyone who is visiting the Kingsford club can use the valet service.

What time will the valet start?

The valet will commence at 6pm on Friday and 5pm Saturday evenings. There will be a number of staff on duty to receive cars and the process is quick and simple. It is important to note that the underground car park will be closed on Friday and Saturday from 4pm until late. The only way your car can be parked in the underground car park is by handing control of your vehicle to the valet.

What process do I need to follow?

The valet operates a ticketless system with all correspondence via mobile phone. You just need to give your mobile number to the valet upon arrival who will send you your ticket. Collecting your car is as simple as clicking the link provided on your phone!

What about insurance?

In the unlikely event that something should happen to your car, First Class Valet are fully insured with one of the most comprehensive policies in the industry. Their coverage includes up to $10,000,000 public & products liability, $500,000 property in physical or legal control and $100,000 driving risk.

I’m worried about someone else driving my car, what experience do the valets have?

All valets:

  • Have worked at reputable 5 star hotel chains
  • Have experience in driving high end vehicles
  • Are formally interviewed twice before hiring and reference checked
  • Are subject to regular checks on licence restrictions and demerit points

In addition, lead valets (leading the team at operation) have at least 7 years experience.

Is there a cost to use the valet?

No, the valet service is a free service for anyone who is visiting the club.

What are my options if I do not wish to use the valet?

If you do not wish to use the valet, we encourage you to try the car parks on Anzac Parade which are only a short walk to the front of the club. Look out for the courtesy bus which operates round trips from these car parks to the front of the club throughout the evening. If you would prefer to leave your car at home, please do consider our free courtesy bus service which provides door-to-door service.