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Fitness - No frills workout with weights, body bars, dumbbells & steps. Suitable for low to advanced fitness levels.

Aqua -  A fun workout combining muscle toning with cardio vascular conditioning without the stress on joints. Suitable for beginners to intermediate fitness level.

Dynamo Workout – Ultimate cardio and strength workout. A challenging no frills sweatathon using weights, tyres, ropes, suspension trainer and body weight exercises.

Gentle Exercise – Light exercise for the seniors.

Power For Seniors – Exercise for seniors who like a little more of a challenge.

Fighting Fit - A challenging cardio workout which provides great upper body toning, using boxing gloves and pads. Non contact & suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. 

Cross Training - A class offering a variety of Hi/Lo aerobics, step & muscle toning.  Basic movements. Suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

TBT - Tum/Bum/Thigh - Tone these areas using controlled and selective movements.  Minimum co-ordination required. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Xpress - 30 minute, High intensity workout for those who have limited time.

Shape - Group resistance training using body bars, dumbbells & steps.  Change your body shape while increasing strength & muscle endurance. All levels of fitness.

Fat Burner - Using basic aerobic & toning exercise designed to keep you working in the correct fat burning zone. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Box ‘n’ Tone - A combination of Fighting Fit & weights - the ultimate fat burning & toning workout. Non contact & suitable for low to advanced fitness levels.

Pilates - A unique mat class consisting of stretching & strengthening which greatly improves posture, flexibility & balance.

Yoga – Hatha and Vinyasa styles.

MMAXFIT - A new fun and dynamic session using mixed martial arts (MMA) techniques to improve fitness levels. Increase strength, muscle endurance and cardio fitness. A non contact workout for all fitness levels.

Body Sculpt - A non-impact class using free weights, combining both isolation and compound exercises as well as core activation to sculpt, strengthen and condition the entire body.