Following a directive from the government The Juniors Fitness Centre will be closed from 12pm 23rd March.

All gym memberships will be automatically be put on hold from 23.3.20 until the government allows us to reopen.

Fitness - No frills workout with weights, body bars, dumbbells & steps. Suitable for low to advanced fitness levels.

Aqua -  A fun workout combining muscle toning with cardio vascular conditioning without the stress on joints. Suitable for beginners to intermediate fitness level.

Dynamo Workout – Ultimate cardio and strength workout. A challenging no frills sweatathon using weights, tyres, ropes, suspension trainer and body weight exercises.

Gentle Exercise – Light exercise for the seniors.

Power For Seniors – Exercise for seniors who like a little more of a challenge.

Fighting Fit - A challenging cardio workout which provides great upper body toning, using boxing gloves and pads. Non contact & suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. 

Cross Training - A class offering a variety of Hi/Lo aerobics, step & muscle toning.  Basic movements. Suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

TBT - Tum/Bum/Thigh - Tone these areas using controlled and selective movements.  Minimum co-ordination required. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Xpress - 30 minute, High intensity workout for those who have limited time.

Shape - Group resistance training using body bars, dumbbells & steps.  Change your body shape while increasing strength & muscle endurance. All levels of fitness.

Fat Burner - Using basic aerobic & toning exercise designed to keep you working in the correct fat burning zone. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Box ‘n’ Tone - A combination of Fighting Fit & weights - the ultimate fat burning & toning workout. Non contact & suitable for low to advanced fitness levels.

Pilates - A unique mat class consisting of stretching & strengthening which greatly improves posture, flexibility & balance.

Yoga – Hatha and Vinyasa styles.

MMAXFIT - A new fun and dynamic session using mixed martial arts (MMA) techniques to improve fitness levels. Increase strength, muscle endurance and cardio fitness. A non contact workout for all fitness levels.

Body Sculpt - A non-impact class using free weights, combining both isolation and compound exercises as well as core activation to sculpt, strengthen and condition the entire body.