The Mik Maks

The Mik Maks are coming to The Juniors Kingsford!

On Tuesday 9th July award winning family act The Mik Maks will be making their very first appearance at The Wintle Theatre.

The Mik Maks perform their award winning shows all across Australia. This family band made up of brothers Al and Joel, daughter Ava and special friend Drums the Panda are ready to rock The Juniors Kingsford.

The Mik Maks specialise in entertaining children aged 2-8 years old but there’s something for both the young and the young at heart at a Mik Mak show.

Did you know that The Mik Maks have little fans all across the globe due to the incredible success of their YouTube channel? The group has amassed over 7 million YouTube subscribers. But it’s still at their live shows where the real magic happens. Don’t miss your chance to dance, sing and giggle with The Mik Maks in 2024.

All tickets for this show are general admission, meaning there is unallocated seating or standing.
Attendees are free to choose their preferred spot upon arrival.
Kids under 12 months are free.

Tuesday 9th July


All Ages

Members Price: $25

Visitors Price: $25