Digger Revell & Normie Rowe

The Two Dynamic Pillars of Australian Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Living Legend of Australian Rock ‘n’ Roll Digger Revell returns to The Juniors Kingsford, joined by Australian singer and songwriter Normie Rowe!

Digger presents all of his top ten hits, sixties classics, country ballads and rockabilly! He is best remembered for a stellar succession of memorable performances in cabaret.

Normie Rowe began his popular singing career while a young teenager and gathered a youthful following. After producing his first record in 1965, he quickly rose to national fame, becoming Australia’s King of Pop in 1968. He had a number of big hits, including “It ain’t necessarily so”, and “Que sera sera”.

Sunday 11th February



Members Price: $30

Visitors Price: $30