Fitness Classes & Timetable


NEW! Strength & Conditioning – Functional strength training using weights and cardio, finishing with core to offer a complete body workout

Fighting Fit – Cardio workout with upper body toning, using boxing gloves/pads. Suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

Cross Trainer – Variety of basic Hi/Lo aerobics, step & muscle toning. Basic movements. Suitable intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

Booty Blast – Glute training, including legs and core. Expect to do lots of squats, lunges and Glute bridge variations for a great BURN.

Pilates – A unique class with stretching & strengthening to improve posture, flexibility & balance.

Beat Body Blast –  Led by Chrysoula, this class offers an easy-to-follow workout routine that combines dance, boxing and bodyweight movements.

Strength 4 Seniors – Low impact training for seniors looking for a little more of a challenge 

Yoga – Hatha and Vinyasa styles. This class focuses on alignment of the whole body while holding poses that support the spine and bring about the awareness of breath with movement. 

Body Sculpt – A non-impact class using free weights, with both isolation and compound exercises plus core activation to sculpt, strengthen and condition the entire body.

Hard Yakka – Forget the coffee this class will be sure to wake you up! A physically demanding workout utilizing a wide range of body weight and equipment based exercises to get you working at maximum effort.

Fitness – No frills workout with weights, body bars, dumbbells & steps. Suitable for low to advanced fitness levels.

Low Impact Fitness – Strength and cardio and stretching suitable for beginners.

Aqua – A fun muscle toning, cardio conditioning water workout with no stress on joints. Suitable for beginners to intermediate.

HIIT Fit – High Intensity Interval Training. Ultimate cardio and strength workout. A no frills sweatathon using weights and body weight exercises which will be sure to burn a stack of calories!